Got the skills? Most Indian CHROs will hire for skill fitment only, keep experience and salary range aside

  • Most Indian firms keen on hiring fresh talent v/s hiring from within or re-hiring staff laid off during pandemic
  • Top three in-demand job profiles will be Operations, Sales/Business Development and Marketing
  • Skill fitment topmost priority when hiring a candidate v/s experience or salary range
  • Most firms will work on strengthening the mental and physical wellbeing of their workforce
  • In FY 2021-22, majority of the firms are planning to offer increment between 5-25%

New Delhi, March 1, 2021 – It’s time to revamp the skill column on your resume because most Indian recruiters plan to hire basis skill fitment this year, and not the experience or the other factors. In the skill v/s experience v/s salary fitment question posted by TimesJobs to 867 CHROs and HR heads, most (55%) respondents said that they would hire for skill fitment. 30% respondents said they would prefer candidate experience and rest 15% said they would see salary fitment when hiring workforce this year.

India’s leading e-recruitment portal TimesJobs conducted an extensive survey among CXOs and HR leaders of India’s top 200 companies to understand their hiring preference this year. Summarising the findings of this survey, Sanjay Goyal, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig said, “The writing on the wall is clear – update your skills to remain relevant at workplaces. About 55% HR leaders stated that they are looking for relevant skills rather than reams of data that is cited as ‘experience’. This is probably a tough lesson – but an important one – learnt during the pandemic year that only cutting edge and savvy skills help survive the toughest business scenarios.”

Other important findings from this survey are:

Most Indian firms will hire fresh talent
In a bid to infuse fresh talent and new ideas, most (39%) HR leaders are planning to hire fresh talent in 2021. TimesJobs asked the HR leaders if they will hire fresh talent or re-hire those laid off last year or promote/hire people with-in the company. The last two options took a beating, and got less votes than hiring fresh talent.

Most companies will roll out 5-25% increments to employees
When asked about the yearly increments, most (74%) HR leaders said that they will roll out the annual increments this year. Out of these, about 63% respondents said that they would offer increments between 5-25%. About 22% HR leaders said that they expect the salary increments to be less than 5%. However, less than 10% respondents believe that increment will be around 25-75%.

Mixed sentiments across several industries for hiring
The Automobiles sector is a bit cautious about hiring as only 37% HR leaders belonging to the sector said that they would hire this year. Whereas, the majority (54%) of the IT HR leaders, 42% of Retail HR leaders, and 45% of BFSI HR leaders were keen on hiring.

Here is a breakdown of the top profiles which the companies would be hiring for:

Operations (voted by 35%)
Sales/Business Development (voted by 30%)
Marketing (22%)
Production & Manufacturing (16%)
Supply Chain & Logistics (14%)
Technology / IT (11%)
Quality Control (4%)

Organisations to focus on mental and physical wellbeing of workforce
When asked about the primary HR mandate for 2021, increasing support for physical and mental wellbeing of employees topped the chart. Most HR leaders said that they would focus on the mental and physical wellbeing of employees (voted by 39%) rather than anything else. Other factors such as encouraging employees for upskilling ranked lower (voted by 29%) and introducing new employee benefits (voted by 22%). This hints that companies are focusing on employee wellbeing rather than fringe benefits which have been popular for the last few years.


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