TechGig announces the launch of the Sixth Edition of Code Gladiators; offers Rs 1 crore worth of prizes

Code Gladiators 2019 Launched: Industry veterans are calling it the Indian Coding Olympic

February 20, 2019: At a time when finding the right talent is like looking for a needle in a haystack, recruiters are trying out all available methods in a bid to find the best tech talent and the right fit for their firm. Hence, skill-focused coding challenges, technical interviews, personality evaluation tests are fast-emerging as popular mediums to assess job applicants.

In a recent survey by TechGig, as many as 33% IT recruiters confessed that assessing the skills of coders beforehand is the biggest challenge. Also, they cited time-consuming interview formats and a talent pool that isn’t diverse enough as roadblocks in hiring the right talent.

With these imminent challenges, hackathons/coding contest emerge as a holistic recruitment platform for companies to pre-assess candidates, meet them on a one-on-one basis and position themselves better vis-a-vis their competitors.

In “TechGig Developers Survey 2019”, a large majority of developers cited new job opportunities as the #1 reason for participating in coding contest/hackathons. Surprisingly, prize money was the third reason and was preceded by self-learning.

With these facts in consideration, the announcement of TechGig Code Gladiators 2019 comes as a big respite for the Indian IT industry struggling to find talent, especially in emerging technologies.

TechGig – India’s largest IT learning platform with over 3.2 million members – is back with its globally acclaimed hackathon in a bid to bring IT recruiters and job seekers on one platform.  Registrations for TechGig Code Gladiators 2019 are now open.

The 2017 edition of TechGig Code Gladiators was recognised by the Guinness World Records for its incredible 2,00,000 registrations. The 2018 edition was even bigger in terms of response and saw the introduction of new themes. The success of TechGig Code Gladiators can be gauged from the fact that this popular coding competition has grown from strength to strength in all these years.

Increased participation in Code Gladiators by the leading IT companies in the world each year also validates the importance of such coding contests and hackathons for companies across diverse industry verticals. These coding competitions help companies get access to talent specialising in new and emerging technologies which are otherwise difficult to access through conventional hiring mediums.

“I’ve been very fond of Code Gladiators and I’ve watched it grow year on year and two years ago it even entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest coding contest in the world. TechGig Code Gladiators is a Super Hackathon of sorts, so to all the people entering the contest this year that’s the place where you get to shine. It’s like the Olympic Games or The Asian Games of Coding”, says Dr Siddhartha Chatterjee, CTO and GM, Cloud Services, Persistent Systems.

TechGig Code Gladiators 2019 has undergone a major revamp as is evident from this teaser video. This edition will see some exciting new names to the theme rounds to make the contest much more appealing to the young coders. The new themes at Code Gladiators 2019 are:

Virtual Assistant Empire, Automation Bay, House on the Cloud, The Blockchain Kingdom, Kingdom of Intelligence, The Valerian Warriors, House of Immersive Reality, and IoT Landing.

“In its sixth edition, Code Gladiators 2019, is expected to continue its upward trajectory and draw more participants than the record of 2,30,000+ participants achieved last year. Any company facing a talent crunch in emerging technologies must try the hackathon/coding contest route to tap into talent with incredible technical skills. There is no better platform to do that than the India’s largest coding battleground, TechGig Code Gladiators 2019”, said Ramathreya Krishnamurthi, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig.

“One of the most gratifying things to me is the fact that the participation graph of Code Gladiators has been pointing North ever since the first edition was launched in 2014. TechGig Code Gladiators is not just popular within our community of over 3.2 million registered users but also with leading companies who want to engage with this quality pool of talent with experience in a wide range of tools, technologies and programming languages. My best wishes to all the participants in this year’s competition”, said Sanjay Goyal, VP at Times Internet Ltd. & Head – Product & Technology, TimesJobs and TechGig.

To register at the Code Gladiators 2019 edition visit 

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