Fulfill Your Career Growth Aspirations – Step Ahead

TimesJobs launches “Step Ahead” to assist ambitious career-oriented professionals accelerate their career growth to the next level.

We all aspire for a better career path, faster growth, greater accomplishments and more money. It is these fundamental desires that TimesJobs is addressing through its newly launched career services section aptly entitled “Step Ahead”.

Step Ahead is a one-stop destination offering a host of services to help you move onto the accelerated path for career growth. Customized for senior, mid and entry levels professionals Step Ahead creates significant, tangible value at every stage of the professional’s career lifecycle with personalized services to help in various stages of the job searching, self improvement and job application processes.

Step Ahead has a wide portfolio of services, which work at various stages of an individual’s career, enabling you for accelerated future growth! With thorough work on products, platform, and process “Step Ahead” is all set to deliver a great experience and outcome to all its subscribers.

Step Ahead’s Premium Services range from providing expert advice and analysis of your Resume’s strengths and tips on ‘how to’ make it better with Resume Critique to designing your resume to truly prove your worth, showcasing your skills exactly as recruiters want with Magic Resume. Our resume experts understand your career needs and aspirations and help you build a resume that will help you get those valuable interview calls.

Step Ahead also provides Resume Distribution and Job Search Management services for you to take control of your success and to make sure that your profile reaches top recruiters. Thousands of job seekers have already benefitted from using Resume Zapper and JobSeek to enhance their career search.

With Step Ahead’s Profile Verification Service, you can get your profile’s credentials, both academic qualifications & employment histories verified, and win recruiters’ trust to get more interview calls.

Step Ahead also offers the best of Vedic science with Career Astrology! Get in-depth analysis & predictions in the areas of Work Place Compatibility, Career Growth, Personal SWOT Analysis, Get an Answer, Name Change, Job Shift Planner and Auspicious Dates. Expert Vedic astrologers painstakingly prepare personalized reports after detailed analysis of you birth and other charts based on your Vedic horoscope.

And ultimately, Step Ahead’s Career Advice Section provides an in-depth and user-friendly approach to the career decision-making process. Allowing you to explore a complete career guide to understanding your capabilities, your challenges, your talents and providing suggestions to improve and overcome tough times.

“Undoubtedly, every working professional shares this dream of ‘Career Growth’. But this ambition has many definitions and manifests differently for each individual. While for some the goal would be Financial Freedom, or Bigger Status, for others it could be Recognition from the boss, colleagues, family& friends or even Society. Step Ahead provides the bridge between this Aspiration and its Achievement.” summarized Mandeep Sodhi, Business Head, Step Ahead.

So visit http://stepahead.timesjobs.com/ and take Step Ahead in your Career!

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