TJinsite is the knowledge and research unit of, India’s leading job portal, owned by Times Business Solutions Limited.It conducts regular research on recruitment trends, compensatory valuations, employee satisfaction, and recruiter expectations. TJinsite leverages its vast database and structured & unstructured market data to offer syndicated reports and customized content to various industries and the HR fraternity.

TJinsite offers the following services:

Content & Editorial: Generates structured content related to recruitment and compensation for the interactive media and print publications, such as newspapers and magazines

Syndicated Reports: Prepares detailed and analytics-backed market reports for various industries

Customised Reports: Structured data collected on prescribed formats and structured into specialised market reports to service the HR departments across industries

Knowledge Events: Creating spaces for the industry to interface with academia, policy makers and the HR fraternity.

TJinsite generates data, analysis and insights that service the requirements of HR professionals, administrators, researchers, corporate HR, financial planners, and most importantly the common jobseeker.

Research provided by TJinsite covers the pan-India region.