55% India Inc. companies struggle to find skilled LGBTQ+ developers: TechGig study

National, June 10, 2022:  About 55% India Inc. recruiters struggle to find skilled developers from the LGBTQ+ work group and the attrition rate among this group is higher when compared to their male and female counterparts.  Both these statistics indicate that the basic indices have moved when it comes to the career progression of queer developers at Indian tech workplaces.

India’s biggest community of 4.2 million software developers – TechGig – studied the hiring and employee engagement patterns for LGBTQ+ developers at tech companies. TechGig surveyed 568 tech recruiters from India Inc. firms for the ‘Gender Diversity Survey 2022’. Among the respondents, most (69%) were working in the IT/Telecom sector.

Here are the key findings of this survey:

  • Highest attrition among developers from the Rainbow groupThe TechGig survey asked about the attrition trends among the LGBTQ+ developers v/s the job drop-out among other genders. Most (41%) respondents said that attrition is higher among the LGBTQ+ developers as compared to the male and female programmers. About 33% respondents found no difference in the attrition levels based on genders, and the remaining 26% said that more men and women developers tend to leave jobs more often than the LGBTQ+ developers.

  • 77% tech firms go out of way to retain LGBTQ+ developers
    The survey further probed if the tech companies were putting in extra efforts to retain developers from the queer group, and the unanimous answer was ‘yes’ with 77% votes. Only 23% respondents answered ‘no’ to this question.

  • Most firms offer company-sponsored upskilling opportunities to retain queer talent
    When asked about the popular measures to retain developers from the LGBTQ+ group, company-sponsored upskilling opportunities (49% votes) emerged as the most popular offering by companies. Other popular retention tools were offering career growth chances (35% votes) and financial aid for wellbeing (16% votes).

  • Job sites preferred medium to hire LGBTQ+ developers; provide concrete employment data points v/s pride communities
    Despite the availability of a plethora of LGBTQ+ communities, recruiters still prefer job sites for hiring queer developers. The survey asked about the popular mediums to hire queer developers, and most (52% respondents) said that they turn to regular job boards and sites to hire LGBTQ+ developers. About 19% respondents said they scouted pride communities, and an equal fraction of respondents said that they ask for referrals when hiring LGBTQ+ developers. The rest 10% respondents said they launched special advertisements for hiring these developers.
    When asked why recruiters prefer job boards over pride communities, most (48%) respondents said that job sites provide detailed employment and skill-related data that other channels lack. About 32% respondents said that job boards provided credible candidates v/s other mediums.

  • 55% tech firms have active Rainbow groups, most groups offer emotional support as top priority
    The TechGig survey inquired about how active their firm’s queer support groups were, and most (55%) defined their groups as ‘very active, holding meetings and proceedings regularly’. About 35% said that their pride groups were inactive. The rest, 10% said that pride groups at their firm were moderately active, holding meetings and proceedings periodically.

The survey probed about the focus of such groups, and here are the responses:


Complete study is available at https://bit.ly/3zjQ38U


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